/u/ssumdayday is very positive!

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0.9161 Booth of LCK league is closed but there is open booth for LCS, so I can feel the support and cheer from the fans better.
0.9062 I will try my best to find the best way for this team. I will be good in english as soon as possible.
0.891 This is because they are my favorite champions and there are a lot of players playing these champions.
0.886 I hope to have many support and cheer from the fans Thank you. 4.
0.8807 I will try my best to be good friends with the non-korean speakers.
0.8779 Play as many games as possible to try to find the suitable champions and keep finding ways to make the play better.
0.8762 There are many players who are actually successful in the foreign regions so i hope that i will be like them.
0.8664 I am not sure as the season has not started but i will try my best to be the top of the top laner in NA.
0.8256 Those team who actually experienced LOL world championship but there are alot of changes in their roster so i need to try out for this coming season to know which team will be strong.
0.8038 I am aiming to be at least top 5 for this split and the summer season, i will be able to go to LOL world championship. 2.
0.7964 I am better than other top laners so i expect myself to be winning them always.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6747 You should not give any chance for poppy to use E , try to fight when poppy has no shield.
-0.6705 When i lost a match, i received a lot of blaming and scolding from the fans.
-0.4767 It actually made me sad.
-0.296 If there is no korean restaurants, i will cook for myself.
-0.296 The help from LCS fans and i will be having english class, i will be learning english to have no problem in communication.
-0.296 No other plans right now
0.0 We are be getting closer as soon because we are on same team. 2.
0.0 but i will be able to adapt with the new environment asap.
0.0 I will make it even closer while i am in NA.
0.0 The first name was someday but i wanted to make the specific english word for myself so i changed to Ssumday.
0.0 I will still contact them when i go over to US.
0.0 I have watched many VODs for 2016 LCS league.