/u/ssaa6oo is kind of a dick.

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0.802 ] Anyway, its 1 o'clock in the morning here and I havo to go to work after only 7 hours so... Best of luck and may all toilet seats you encounter be down.
0.7281 Everyone that says Draymond wins have never eaten a low kick by a pro fighter.
0.7184 My mind can't even begin to comprehend how entitled you have to be to expect complete strangers to actively go out of they way to ensure that you have your toilet seat be the way you prefer it.
0.7003 One of my favorite movies and I don't know anyone IRL who likes it.
0.5994 That was marvelous.
0.5667 Nah, im just fucking around, I'm glad that everything turned out fine.
0.5274 Yes, I thought so, that's why I made my eddit, but you cant deny that there are people on the left doing it.
0.5106 No one is claming personal intelligence, just racial superiority.
0.4939 You on the other hand apparently can't, so you need other people to do it for you.
0.4939 Here in Europe everybody are taking care of their own needs.
0.4939 You will enjoy r/2healthbars Edit: someone beat me to it.

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-0.872 Edit: I used shit as a general term, I ment piss, period blood and in some cases actually shit.
-0.829 Or you are so dumb that you can't comprihand that its up and you go ass first in the toilet?
-0.8062 Being anti gey marriage because a 2000 year old book told you so is a stupid belief. There are other, legitimate reasons for being anti gey marriage besides religion.
-0.7783 The seat is not piss-splattered because I lift it up before taking a piss, on the other had you hovered over it and your shit is all over the place so I don't want to tuch it neither.
-0.7574 If it's not significant portion what stops him from murdering Floyd if things go south for him?
-0.7003 Being hit from behind sucks major dick if you are on a motorcycle.
-0.6956 I personally don't have any tattoos nor I'm planning on getting one in the near future, but I don't see how having a tattoo is an indication of a person's bad judgment.
-0.6956 Of corse the governmant is aginst it because its following the "European values", but the population doenst give a fuck.
-0.6486 Poseidon's kiss is when your shit splashes water on your ass.
-0.5994 Either you shit as much as you pee or your math is wrong lol.
-0.5927 I ride only with gloves and a helmet, but people in general are intimidated by motorcycle riders for some reason.
-0.5859 Cutting you dick off is a little different from the others you've listed. There are people who believe some of their limbs aren't actually theirs and they do anything posible to get rid of them.