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0.8903 I often talk about how Reddit has taught me that when put in the right context, people are more funny, interesting, collaborative, and helpful than we give them credit for. /r/announcements
0.8858 Plus, having the user base providing constant "feedback" is highly motivating to the team. Personally, I've switched my desktop Reddit\-ing to the redesign and am pretty happy. /r/TheoryOfReddit
0.8314 We maintained that for most of the year, but slipped in Q4 to a median response time of 35h because we've spent more time on proactive support to prevent major issues. /r/announcements
0.8275 943: Save 1 point for my mother, who I think would enjoy watching. In all seriousness, we feel somewhat vindicated. /r/announcements
0.8078 I'm doing well, thanks for asking. I've actually been quite frustrated the past few months not being able to share what we've found re Russia, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to do so today. /r/announcements
0.7906 We've been in testing the past few months with a few thousand users and moderators, and the feedback has been super valuable. /r/announcements
0.7812 Doesn't always feel good, but the passion of our users in every direction is what makes this place special. /r/announcements
0.7783 Still a long way to go, but I think we're on the right track. Speaking as one of the oldest Redditors and the creator of a lot of the current Reddit, I love the redesign. /r/hockey
0.743 Thanks for the gold, kind stranger /r/announcements
0.7264 Their engagement is shrinking over time, and that's much more powerful than shutting them down outright. /r/announcements
0.7096 r/redesign is hot right now with the sports stuff, but we've received lots of positive sentiment over the months as we've progressed. /r/hockey

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-0.9638 As it happens, communities dedicated racist beliefs end up banned for violating rules we do have around harassment, bullying, and violence. There exist repugnant views in the world. /r/announcements
-0.8519 I dont believe banning a community that represents no viewpoints does anything but make the problem worse. /r/announcements
-0.836 They're the engineering team that focuses on internal tools and abuse at scale: spam, account take-overs , vote manipulation, etc. /r/announcements
-0.8316 Another problem with shadow bans is that it makes it difficult for others to audit our work: even if we ban something, theres little evidence we did. /r/TheoryOfReddit
-0.8271 I dont believe banning a community that represents different viewpoints does anything but make the problem worse. /r/announcements
-0.7783 Typically we ban entire communities only when the mods are uncooperative or the entire premise of the community is in violation of our policies. /r/announcements
-0.7644 It's not clear from the banned users pages, but mods banned more than half of the users and a majority of the posts before they got any traction at all. /r/announcements
-0.7579 The haters must be hating elsewhere today. /r/announcements
-0.7351 Each sub is reviewed by a humanand in some cases, a team of humansbefore it is banned for a content policy violation. /r/announcements
-0.7096 Moderators shouldn't have to deal with sockpuppets and brigading, but we do take abuse of Reddit seriously, and spend a fair amount of time working on it. /r/announcements
-0.6705 Our spam filters, community rules against self-promotion, and moderators banned nearly all of them. /r/announcements
-0.6652 Believe me, this annoys me to no end. /r/announcements