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0.8919 ~~Not strictly opposed to it, but I do want to make sure we are spending our and your energy where it will be most effective.
0.8844 Yes, it can be intense and stressful at times, but we are very proud of Reddit and the positive impact it has on people's lives.
0.8807 I don't have the exact numbers, but yes, r/popular increased engagement from new users, which was the goal.
0.8314 We maintained that for most of the year, but slipped in Q4 to a median response time of 35h because we've spent more time on proactive support to prevent major issues.
0.8313 I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference, not everybody gets this opportunity, and I think we have a moral obligation to make the most of it.
0.7964 We all love Reddit as much as ever, and our goal is to make it as good as possible.
0.7964 Why would we require you post 9 random posts for every 1 original post? Moderators are free to moderator however they like, however.
0.7935 I wish we could do a perfect job explaining what we're trying to do, but sometimes it's better to just build it, launch it, and see how it's used.
0.7906 We've been in testing the past few months with a few thousand users and moderators, and the feedback has been super valuable.
0.7812 Doesn't always feel good, but the passion of our users in every direction is what makes this place special.
0.7713 Ah, well let me share another perspective. A really important target user of this feature is the original content creator.

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-0.8519 I dont believe banning a community that represents no viewpoints does anything but make the problem worse.
-0.836 They're the engineering team that focuses on internal tools and abuse at scale: spam, account take-overs , vote manipulation, etc.
-0.8271 I dont believe banning a community that represents different viewpoints does anything but make the problem worse.
-0.7783 Typically we ban entire communities only when the mods are uncooperative or the entire premise of the community is in violation of our policies.
-0.7351 Each sub is reviewed by a humanand in some cases, a team of humansbefore it is banned for a content policy violation.
-0.7096 Moderators shouldn't have to deal with sockpuppets and brigading, but we do take abuse of Reddit seriously, and spend a fair amount of time working on it.
-0.6705 Our spam filters, community rules against self-promotion, and moderators banned nearly all of them.
-0.6597 We only had one community then, and this behavior was considered rude at best, and spam at worst.
-0.5994 A few months ago, we expanded our [policy around violent speech].
-0.5707 We can't fix things if we don't break them first! But seriously, I know it's annoying.
-0.5574 Generally the mods of pics have been cooperative when we approach them with systematic abuses.
-0.5574 Generally the mods of the_donald have been cooperative when we approach them with systematic abuses.