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0.9109 I think this advice holds true forever, but it's certainly true in the beginning: even a single weekend of studying a specific technology will make you dramatically better.
0.8876 The gap is closing, but the Bay is still the best. The weather doesn't hurt either.
0.8622 My pleasure, thanks for your help today!
0.8611 If you can write a hashtable, list, and tree in C, you are probably good. * Do you have a passion for programming? * Are you a pleasant person to be around?
0.8547 If we do a job with this and the widget system, I expect CSS to be less required, but we can leave CSS for more advanced use-cases. Happy Cakeday!
0.8519 I love working with beginners, and more often than you think it leads to great hires.
0.8122 I considered myself extremely fortunate to have a job where I could listen to music all day. I love dancing.
0.7964 We all love Reddit as much as ever, and our goal is to make it as good as possible.
0.7964 Why would we require you post 9 random posts for every 1 original post? Moderators are free to moderator however they like, however.
0.7959 In some cases I think we were able to provide valuable perspective. On the whole, given the craziness of last Thursday , I was impressed they were so engaged with us.
0.7935 I wish we could do a perfect job explaining what we're trying to do, but sometimes it's better to just build it, launch it, and see how it's used.

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-0.9729 They fight abuse, harassment, spam, cheating, etc. Anti-Evil is the engineering team that builds tools for T&S and fights abuse at scale.
-0.7906 Who told you about the paddling pool? We build models of past bad behavior to detect future bad behavior before it hits scale .
-0.7434 I didn't like them as a kid, but they say your tastes change every seven years, and I adopted onions in my 20s. The real enemy here are olives.
-0.6956 It's an arms race, but we generally have more resources than the bad guys.
-0.6808 Some will lowball you because they're assholes.
-0.6695 I still love working with beginners, but I'm not great a project managing. When I fire people, I try to get myself into a mental state where I want to do it.
-0.6524 I'm sorry, I don't have a great answer for you: when we started Reddit, we didn't have a vision for the future.
-0.5994 It's the people unaware of themselves that are unpleasant to work with.
-0.5606 I mostly didn't want to look stupid in front of Paul Graham, who made our first investment. As for how to make something big, that's a broad question.
-0.5423 The curse of young people is that they all thing they're old. Our head of platform didn't start programming until he was about your age.
-0.5267 All of them except HQG, which we're going to shut down for being stupid and meta.
-0.5216 I don't love onions.