/u/southerncat is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9224 I wouldn't have any complaints about sharing a room with a cute and sexy guy like you!
0.9022 You're a handsome fellow yourself, and anyone who loves dogs is a friend of mine ;-)
0.8947 Wow, you've got an incredibly sexy butt :)
0.8625 Great smile :)
0.8555 You're one heck of a cute and sexy guy yourself :)
0.8481 You're such a hot man - great body and great package.
0.8478 A sexy tummy like that is welcome any time!
0.8473 A sexy guy like you would have been more than welcome.
0.831 Wow, you are one amazingly sexy man!
0.8268 Wow, I love your cock and balls so much!
0.8169 Great cock, and very sexy balls too!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8271 What the hell is wrong with people?
-0.7722 "Kevin tries to pick up the wrong girl and ends up with a little problem of his own that no little blue pill will solve."
-0.7717 The hard truth is that, short of unpleasant and possibly damaging surgery, there is no way to make your penis bigger.
-0.6808 You're one hell of a hot man.
-0.5848 That is one hot ass!
-0.5645 Alas, I know that's not particularly helpful to you.
-0.5562 Damn, you'd got a hot cock!
-0.5106 These are all from the Tumblr [Things My Dick Does].
-0.471 I'm not that brave!
-0.4574 That is one fine ass!
-0.4313 With an ass like that, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for!
-0.3182 That would be one hell of a fun day.