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0.9136 Too true, for some reason I was expecting it to be a right faff, but worked like a charm, putting up a video clip in a sec :)
0.9098 Ok brilliant, thanks for the insight/advice mate much appreciated!
0.9081 Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed :)
0.8957 Great work, love the dialogue, is that from like an old 1950's film?
0.8908 Anything else that springs to mind would love to know :) Cheers again!
0.8834 Thanks a lot mate, played my first gig a couple of night ago which was satisfying :)
0.8807 great suggestions cheers mate :)
0.875 Hey mate, great question & thanks for the interest.
0.8588 glad you enjoyed, thanks!
0.8553 Cheers for the comment mate :) glad it eventually worked out!
0.8519 spooky stuff, glad you enjoyed the remix mate :) ps.

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-0.6114 Looks terrifying!
-0.5707 Watched the video of it in operation, sounds wicked!
-0.5499 Haven't managed to use the 3D tracker yet, but trial & error with Mocha seems to be paying off, all depends of the quality of the objects in the scene I guess..
-0.5106 MIDI preferences; select 'none' on MIDI input & output for the offending device
-0.4141 oh strange not sure why that is:/ I'm using a 12th scale BJD which I've chopped about and used pro ball joints.
-0.3875 I remember that, not sure it's worth a career at McD's though, left that in my teens
-0.1759 It's in Plymouth, UK, the whole city is pretty shitty really..ha!
-0.1531 It's a detail that represents how tricky it was to get onto the premises and film.
-0.0772 tbf there were no keep out/trespasser beware signs & walked straight in so shouldn't have been an issue anyhowzzzz.
0.0 Short version..
0.0 The long or the short version?
0.0 Incredible