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0.9129 This is a really frustrating game, but it's kind of fun for small sessions, and the "Just one more session" vibe is pretty strong.
0.8957 Good, good :) good that I was asking instead of firing up on a full tirade like I've done before, and ended up embarrasing myself again.
0.8287 I had a kobo glo, and I was quite happy with it, though I do use my kindle all of the time because it's so easy to get books over wifi on it.
0.8016 Get yourself an account at [bookbub] they have really good offers, and also keeps track of free books at amazon and other sites.
0.7845 I used to love the Hardy Boys when I started reading.
0.7783 I gained confidence in German talking to my dog ;)
0.7645 Yeah, I usually charge mine about once a month, it's really great.
0.7351 It's entertainment, not a race, I'm either taking a break, or just enjoying the time I spend with the characters.
0.7264 But yeah, at least understanding how other people tick, and what they believe is really important, I've found that helpful many a time.
0.7096 I've also been reading the main books in the revelation space, thinking back on it I've read a lot of good stuff this year :)
0.7003 If we want people to just treat everybody with the same base of understanding and opportunity, wouldn't the right way be to not bring it up all the time?

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-0.9136 Yeah, but I'd still say that lookahead will bring you more, high tpm with bad lookahead is worse than high tpm and crap lookahead.
-0.7943 That's my question, not if there really are people suffering from traumatic issues.
-0.7845 The bible, I was told it was the good book, it turned out to be filled with rape violence and people being dicks to eachother.
-0.6908 Sadly not available in my area :(
-0.6124 So not mentioning race and gender is racist and sexists now?
-0.5873 The problem is I don't feel like learning it now anymore since "I do know enough to make me understood in every situation"
-0.5457 Triggering is mostly just a lazy way to say "I don't want to broaden my horizons" The whole thing is a thing I see more and more in the US and it's making me feel strange, I don't get it.
-0.5106 Make a new account and name it 2575395username, problem problem solved.
-0.4767 I get that that would be hurtful, and I understand that it would not be something you'd want to revisit.
-0.4585 I'm using the official goodreads app, but it's quite slow and convoluted, and without any nice stats. I learned that setting aside 10 min a day was enough to get me started reading again.
-0.4466 Normalerweise ist NB Norwegisch Bokml, es ist aber nur eine Schriftsprache, NO wre eigentlich eine bessere Krzel.
-0.3612 Aren't we just repeating the same mistakes that those before us made?