/u/somerandomevent is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9325 Definitely, but how i wish i could cum all over those beauties :)
0.9217 I definitely need to cum in that beautiful mouth of yours, and all over those fantastic boobs of yours :)
0.9139 You are a proper sexy little thing, definitely want to see more of your fantastic arse :)
0.903 I'm not sure i should miss something that I've never seen before, but for you and the fine body of yours I'll make an exception :) I reckon that those are some top blow job lips you've got there :)
0.9022 Well I do now, thanks for showing thse awesome boobs :)
0.8979 I love being able watch perfection again and again :)
0.8979 Now those are a perfect pair.aid love to get my hands on them :)
0.891 Loving those perfect perky boobs :)
0.8901 Well, they've been set free now so all is good :)
0.886 I've got something hard I'd love to put between those fantastic boobs :)
0.8779 Well, i can definitely think of stuff I'd like to do you and that fine body of yours :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7096 I really don't need to anymore jealous of him :(
-0.4404 In to Star Wars and damn sexy.
-0.4019 Damn, you are a hottie.
-0.3971 Now that is a bit harsh, isn't it, those beauties should always be on view :)
-0.3818 The problem is that i'd just keep getting you dirty again :)
-0.34 You are just asking to fucked :)
-0.34 You just need to be fucked all over, that arse of yours needs to be covered in cum :)
-0.2263 Damn, you have got one mighty fine body, you are a proper hottie.
-0.2263 Damn, you have a fine little body.
-0.2023 Fuck yes, what a hottie.
-0.2023 Bloody hell, those must be perfect for moterboating :)
-0.128 I just have, and fuck me, that arse of yours is just asking to be covered in cum :)