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0.7506 A part of the ROA rebelled against the Germans and basically welcomed the Red Army, hoping that it might save them.
0.6946 Nah not really, mortality was very high sure, but it improved towards the end.
0.6808 If people however want to take on an individual level their share of the 'collective glory' of the Wehrmact it stands to reason they should also adopt some of the guilt.
0.6705 Yes that is true.
0.6628 The Germans who lived in the 1940s, many of them may not have individual guilt but they all share a collective guilt.
0.5859 Yes, for those who don't know ChristianMunich is a well known crack-pot.
0.5499 Not wehrabooism, but relevant and interesting.
0.5106 Not an anti-nazi sub bruv Its about making fun of historical idiocy
0.5095 Well the 'traditional values' is kinda strange, that's mostly post-war mythology to get away from the nazism.
0.4939 Pretty much everyone is noted.
0.4939 Pretty much all data on everyone will be noted in the Swedish church books, the priests in Sweden could give Stasi a run for their money.

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-0.8689 And damn it if the Discord on friday isnt full of Serbian, Kroatian, Syrian, Palestinian and other songs from fucked up group.
-0.8316 (This was Bergstrms book on the Ardennes and tank losses, the difference between damaged and destroyed.
-0.7461 But in reality the Germans had not a snowballs chance in hell.
-0.743 It is abundantly clear that both the military and civil society at large had the power to stand up to the Nazis, they had the agency but failed to do anything, from this comes their collective guilt.
-0.7096 A matter Bergstrm actually commented on in his book about Operation Barbarossa, where he notes the differences in counting losses, and that he failed to do so in his Ardennes book.)
-0.6956 No, I wouldn't diagnose you as a wehraboo, but I might be wrong.
-0.5984 What guilt an individual has is very difficult to say 80 years later, and I don't think that is up to historians to figure it out, that is up to the courts.
-0.5859 Ta med mig ett team forskare, beska varenda katastrof/slag/massaker och rkna lik s det blir ngot jvla slut p alla ntters harvande om exakt hur mnga dog nr var och hur.
-0.5849 Therefore, whilst tasteless and quite horrible I wouldn't call it outright denialism.
-0.5719 With much more resources than the USSR, except crude oil.
-0.5574 ......r vl allmnt knt sen lnge att han inte gjorde det utan att det bara r ytterligare en skrna gtisisterna spridit i sin kampanj av historiefrfalskning?
-0.5574 Liksom "o shit, vad fick in dig p att samla kottar?" r sjukt ovanligt ju.