/u/somecompjoe is very positive!

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0.9341 I would like to get one of these graphics cards as my best friend currently has a really crappy mac, so it would help me a lot to get the card to help out my friend.
0.921 It would be great to give this game to my friend so we could play together, thanks for the giveaway!
0.9 Its cuz I just wanna give back ta dis phat hood. JUST TO BE CLEAR, YOU WILL NOT BE RECIEVING THE FREE GIFT WITH THE GPU.
0.8955 Medal of honor please, thanks !
0.8588 Medal of honor 406 thanks!
0.8481 7415 I want to play portal with my friend so we can have fun.
0.8442 Anyways, Thanks for the offer and If I do win it I'll likely play with you.
0.7906 As always, thanks for this opportunity. Portal please
0.765 I would love to play The Division.
0.7579 Hopefully I do win, there haven't been many asking for payday, mostly just farcry 4.
0.7579 I really want to get rid of the watermark, and have peace of mind that I dont have to worry about the trial running out.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5849 Your current one is a tier 4 for out of 5, which means it is a very bad choice.
-0.4574 Oh Damn there are k70 rgb with blues!
-0.4215 I was gonna go for the gigabyte one, but there was no one day shipping and I wanted the card right away.
-0.263 Oh my god that's why I was getting so many static shocks!
-0.2584 I can't wait to play.
-0.1759 You must be one hell of a nice guy in real life if you're giving all that away!
0.0 I used to have a fx processor, and will probably get a 480.
0.0 Putting this comment here for the record.
0.0 I was in Las Vegas for a week and I was wondering why it was happening .
0.0 Have an upvote.
0.0 If only I had the money.