/u/socalthrowaway2011 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9062 I would love for you to keep sharing her please :)
0.8957 Took me a minute to notice the boots, but I do love them :)
0.8777 Good luck beautiful!
0.8748 Wow, what a lucky group of friends!
0.8661 yes, Yes, YES!!!
0.8655 Thanks for sharing the success story!
0.8588 It is the innocent looking ones that you have to watch out for :) BTW, She has amazing eyes!
0.8573 Very sexy, would love to see more!
0.8555 And I love that both are willing to share :)
0.8516 I would have fun licking her pussy, hoping I could get her to make some additional funny faces!
0.8439 I would love to get a surprise picture like that!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6249 Cock in pussy, dildo in ass.
-0.6113 I need to go TDY so badly right now.
-0.5849 That would have been very bad.
-0.5423 Toy in her ass as she fingers herself then?
-0.3612 I think I have fallen in lust.
-0.34 Unfortunately I need to taste it to rate it.
-0.34 I made the mistake of viewing this post and your post history before work...
-0.3182 I just got lost in all of your posts for awhile.
-0.3182 Might get lost for another chuck of time....
-0.296 No need to go bigger.
-0.2244 No pic included, but all the things!
-0.1027 We all want to know if your wife knows, or if you are just lucky that her sister is down to fuck?