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0.951 Thank you so much for the continuous support and the nice comment, I really appreciate it, and so glad you like the app!
0.9451 Thank you for the support and glad you liked the app :) To remove a custom unit you either swipe it away, or uncheck the 'enable' checkbox then press save in the custom unit dialog.
0.9307 I really appreciate the support, and glad the app is useful to you :)
0.9152 Thank you, I'm really glad you found it useful :) As for the icon, I changed it to follow Google with their redesigns , the new icon goes well with the new material design.
0.8934 You're welcome, glad I could help :)
0.8934 Thanks, glad you liked it :)
0.8834 Thank you, glad you liked it :)
0.8576 Really glad it's useful to you :)
0.8491 :P Glad you liked the app!
0.8478 Wow, that would be awesome!
0.8455 That's awesome :D

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-0.4767 And again, IP infringement isn't why the app got taken down.
-0.4019 I'll try to see what the problem is, I haven't had it on any of my test devices ...
-0.296 Didn't you notice that there are no downvotes? The new system doesn't display downvotes and upvotes seperatly, it shows them both as 'points'
-0.1531 It's possible but I think it would be hard to implement...
-0.128 It happens when you empty a field and type a number in it real quickly, for example when you type 4 in a field, then delete it and quickly type another digit, this happens..
-0.1139 Their objection is that they don't want Google's 'touch' in their app, and want it to look unique and different.
-0.0772 Sorry, I didn't exactly understand what you mean..
-0.0258 It's probably too late for that, changing the name now will mess up the play store ranking.
0.0 I have [firstname].io
0.0 To make the prank seem more believable..
0.0 You gotta check out OneFootball.. LinkMe: OneFootball
0.0 How so? There are tons of unofficial apps for various services, how is mine different?