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0.9153 Jonathan is a pretty cool main character and the art style is pretty great too.
0.8221 That's pretty fucking awesome.
0.8019 I know that all is fair in a fight, but without that trick, he would never have won by himself. And arima didn't want to kill him or had any desire to win that fight anyway.
0.7845 Yeah, and like hinami, she only had enough strength to bring out her kagune for one time only .
0.7717 A martial artist like shachi could take advantage of that and get the upper hand on kaneki.
0.7579 He already had the strength to beat yamori and ayato, he just lacked the conviction and confidence to use it properly.
0.6997 That's pretty fucking cool.
0.6808 I'm pretty excited about seeing them again, they were the coolest part about the troll arc for me.
0.6689 And I'm sure ishida will dedicate a chapter for eto/tatara and how the met and formed the tree but it just doesn't fit here with all the shit that's going down.
0.6369 And, yes, I agree.
0.6237 She knew that haise/kaneki couldn't have killed amon, like seriously, does a goofy guy like haise look like a killer to you?

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-0.9001 What fucked with his head is probably the insane torture yamori put him through and that was what caused the hallucinations.
-0.875 Even that won't justify his actions , hell, even eto is irredeemable after killing all of those humans and orphaning hundreds of kids.
-0.872 Unless something ignites guts's hatred again, I don't see him going to falconia or even wanting to kill Griffith anymore .
-0.8689 I know her past is fucked up but I couldn't feel anything for her especially when she was revealed to be killing animals.
-0.8591 Abuse doesn't turn you into a cold blooded killer with a tongue fetish.
-0.8481 The attack that damaged IXA wasn't from kaneki's kakuja, he destroyed it with his vanilla kagune .
-0.8294 Her decision might not have been the best one, but calling her a bitch is just unfair.
-0.8271 He didn't do that in this fight, and when he got the chance to stab Ken , he stabbed him in the gut .
-0.802 She's either stupid and have no idea how to fight or she can't use her smaller form anymore.
-0.7916 The gore is so over the top that it's almost comical, but the rape scenes are more "real" I suppose.
-0.7906 Akira saw what taki had become, an insane killer and she didn't see how he'd come back from that .
-0.7845 If arima was deadset on killing kaneki and gave it his 100%, I doubt kaneki would live.