/u/smugliberaltears is a total dick!

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0.8971 cooks, medical, and other roles that don't directly uphold slavery or treat the populace like an insurgency aren't as bad.
0.7964 30-year-old virgin, eh? lol your post history is nothing but "reeee black people reeee women reeeee sjws reeee" amazing
0.7964 i've even seen them talk about love and friendship as if they were transactions
0.743 some, like certain medical jobs, require that personnel actually treat "enemy" casualties.
0.7351 men are clearly superior. also incels
0.7269 Children depend on and trust adults for their safety.
0.7128 authoritarian socialism has always been fundamentally opposed to communism. you cannot deny reality and hope to convince anyone.
0.6908 It looks like we're going extinct. You realize that the only way society functions is if we put up with peaceful people who are willing to put up with us, right?
0.6808 "lol azns" +23997209482094 "lol whites" -349872398479234 REPORTED MODS MODS MODS
0.6673 this is just like how they cry over nazis who get their faces bashed in. e: for the r/socialism mods who have difficulties reading: I never stated rape threats were ok.
0.6597 Yeah, pretty much.

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-0.9313 Find a hated minority, throw them into the fire, and watch as Americans shriek at each other while politicians sneak all kinds of bullshit through that kills thousands or even millions.
-0.9169 in our world we have to suffer them and hope that their foolish randian bullshit eventually bites them in the ass, causing their worthless site to implode.
-0.9162 but i guess when your worldview is based entirely on far right propaganda, you'd struggle with basic facts. why are you people so scared of confronting reality?
-0.9059 so I guess if we're just making shit up by reading straight crime stats like tea leaves, like your dumb ass is, whites are the most hateful people ever! found the white supremacist
-0.9022 decades of assassinations, harassment, imprisonment, torture, etc.
-0.8885 they contribute to this hell, but we all contribute to it if we participate in capitalism. being poor is not a justification for being a pig or for being in a combat role in the military.
-0.8689 Are you literally stupid enough to believe it's some kind of Jewish feminist conspiracy? Look, just do everyone a favor and kill yourself.
-0.8581 Shame and fear are a charity. I cannot imagine having empathy for something so fucking evil.
-0.8573 a very racist, very fucked up child. r/incels could collectively go on a shooting spree and reddit would be 100% fine with this.
-0.8405 The little shit is a gentrifier who called for the mass murder of the local homeless population.
-0.8402 Regardless, he was still the head of a fascist state, and killing him would have disrupted things.
-0.8225 Bill cowers behind dog whistles. If we're going to have to deal with racists, let them own their racism.