/u/smackitsmackitsmack is kind of a dick.

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0.8562 They're both award winners so can't go wrong with either one.
0.836 Is this band the best Satan can inspire?
0.7717 I've heard that Maeng Da used to refer to a particular strain of kratom from Thailand but now is just a term vendors use to denote their best kratom.
0.7717 I like Simmons the best too.
0.6566 I'm really feeling sympathetic to BLM these days.
0.4939 You might be a hipster IF....you care Bottletree is closing.
0.4939 Seems out of character, he looks friendly enough.
0.4404 I hope these kids get out and move next door to you.
0.4019 I would definitely stick to plain leaf.
0.3612 I wonder what it would be like with Yerba Mate.
0.3313 His last name is You, I wonder if he plays baseball? - Who's on first?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8658 Holy shit, no, no, no...not the damn Keene dredge.
-0.836 Bali Gold is my all time favorite BUT it is coarse grind which makes it gross to try and choke down.
-0.7906 If someone was stealing your car and you jumped in front of it to stop them and they gunned it instead of stopping, what would you want them charged with?
-0.7667 What's on 3rd. - HOW THE HELL SHOULD I KNOW!
-0.7506 Fight fire with fire.
-0.7384 The taste is so vile that I don't think I could do it more than that.
-0.6956 Of course he couldn't because they didn't have any but that whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.
-0.6908 How is trying to run over somebody NOT attempted murder.
-0.628 I started to walk into the back to clock in and they stopped me and said "who are you?", I said "I work here" and they said "NO YOU DON'T!".
-0.6124 Screw it, I'ma rob da liquor sto anyways.
-0.5994 White Arayan Resistence clubhouse or war house.
-0.5859 A real wtf moment.