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0.9574 Haha, nice post man! I decided to quit smoking after sorting out porn, thought it'd be easier to take one thing at a time, but sounds like you did a good job, well in :)
0.9337 Your on a good streak and when your flatline ends life'll be amazing, use that girl as motivation to keep going, haha :)
0.9235 yeah i know i have some independent fetishes i'm not that bothered about, but certainly the return to arousal from vanilla stuff is what I'm hoping for, cheers!
0.8927 Thanks man, its posts like these that really help :)
0.886 Messed up December, but it won't happen again - Id like to sign up, thanks :)
0.8837 Haha, Im not sure how many of Newtons friends were 'partying and chasing women', but yeah, Its a good post!
0.872 :) I wish you the best for the future
0.8625 Just focus on the things you want to improve on in your life, tackle urges when they come, stay positive and you'll find your streaks get naturally longer and easier.
0.855 Yes I'm in, 90 days plus, planned out this time how I'm going to make sure this reboot is absolutely successful!
0.836 I'm in, good luck everyone :)
0.836 good luck on your journey man :)

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-0.8115 Now really extreme humiliation, what I would have found disgusting when I started, turns me on.
-0.7003 The fetishes I was into were escalating to things that were disgusting and messed with my self esteem.
-0.6915 When you relapse, the worst thing you can do is feel shit, just put it behind you, don't binge, and carry on.-no ones recovery is completely clean.
-0.6652 Might seem a bit extreme but i usually punch myself in the stomach till I feel winded or sick- the get on the floor and do as many press ups as I can.
-0.5676 Negativity gets you nowhere, when that feeling comes, just tell yourself you don't deserve it.
-0.5106 All the guys that have done the 90 days or more always say that it took them ages to compete the full reboot, lots and lots of failed streaks.
-0.4939 Relapsed :( sorry to let you all down
-0.4404 Relapsed :(
-0.4404 Relapsed :(
-0.4404 relapsed :(
-0.4404 relapsed today :(
-0.4199 Well shit, I stand corrected!