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0.936 I'm glad to hear you're interested. There are definitely ways folks can help out, *especially* if you're brand new to learning music. I'd love to talk more, I'll send a PM with my email to you.
0.9041 If you're interested in jamming about game design, music cognition, or audio programming, feel free to PM me. Good luck!
0.8955 If you do it for just a little bit each day, you'll definitely get better. Good luck!
0.8832 They are great examples of rhythm games. Good luck!
0.8797 The idea is to break the process of learning music down into bite-sized chunks, so that it's fun & beautiful for anyone to get started. If it sounds interesting to you just send me PM.
0.8346 Speaking as someone who's working on music education stuff, I love this! Thanks for posting it.
0.8225 It was interesting to see that both Suzuki and Gordon were inspired by the idea of learning language. And I'm interested to hear that you're at Temple.
0.8176 Thx, glad to hear you dig it :)
0.8126 It can help you enjoy the good times, and get you through the hard time.
0.7906 GarageBand is pretty cool, thx for the tip.
0.7906 Dedication, practice, and cultural environment also play a big part. No matter what your natural ability is, you can always get better.

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-0.656 People weep instantly when they hear it, and I don't know why." ;)
-0.6124 Can't resist a Spinal Tap quote: Quoth Nigel Tufnel: "It's part of a trilogy, a musical trilogy I'm working on in D minor which is the saddest of all keys, I find.
-0.4588 Wish I could switch, but RCN doesn't service the Davis area yet :(
-0.4019 If you see that someone has trouble tapping rhythms, you can then focus on working on rhythms with that person.
-0.3774 So I am confused by the emphasis on aptitude.
-0.2714 If there's stuff you want to see, drop me a line!
-0.2411 Btw, not sure if you're using computational tools.
-0.2023 That bothers me.
0.0 Maybe it should have its own 'sub'-reddit?
0.0 One idea can be to constrain the available notes and rhythms.
0.0 When you understand a language, you can think about what you hear, you can riff on it, you can talk about it with other people.
0.0 Start simple, then work your way up to more complex things.