/u/skragzilla is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 Honestly, who cares even cares what dipshits like this think at this point?
0.8649 THAT IS LITERALLY EVERY MEANS OF INFLUENCE THAT EXISTS, WHAT DO YOU WANT US TO DO, NOTHING? Hahaha no wonder everything is going so great for you retards.
0.8553 I'm playing the "Ha ha ha you spent HOW much time and energy wailing on about your pet issues and have NOTHING to show for it!" card.
0.7983 Every time I post anything, I come back to find pretty much all of you jumping up and down begging for attention with your "LOOK HOW MUCH I DON'T CARE ABOUT THIS" performances.
0.7351 I'm sure that poll will turn out to be super relevant, too.
0.7184 "Haha Skragz, who cares about views counts?
0.6983 It's all gone so much better than I had hoped.
0.6907 Yawn. But don't worry, someone somewhere totally cares about your opinion on this.
0.6705 After all, better safe than sorry. Look, let's be real.
0.6486 Better walk faster in case they want to jump you, and see if they speed up as well.
0.6476 Now that I know the winner of Ukelele Video of the Year 2007 is on board, well shit, this is clearly a star-studded A-list fucking extravaganza!

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-0.9337 SLAM DUNK!" Hahahaha you fucking faggots kill me.
-0.9062 Even the sensitive beardy faggot male feminists who pretended to care left those dumb cunts giving "harassment conferences" to empty rooms.
-0.8934 You faggots have spent the last 3+ years squealing about what a national tragedy it is every time some feminist gets called a cunt on Twitter, and surprise, it's changed absolutely nothing.
-0.8782 It's not like she's actually going to make a game that's worth shit and live up to all the "highly regarded game developer" nonsense they call her in articles meant for people who don't know shit.
-0.8779 Really a lot of us were just tired of the SJW faggot bullshit surrounding games media and were waiting for a chance to show those dipshits what we really thought of them.
-0.875 The fuck does that have to do with anything, you dumb cunt?
-0.8625 No, no, no, I have it on the authority of many an SJW that you're supposed to be as shrill and obnoxious as possible to anyone who disagrees with you on anything.
-0.8316 Hahaha u/judgeholden72 I see you posting random shit wherever, you stupid faggot.
-0.8316 Your mistake was believing that anyone would give two shits about feminists being insulted on the internet.
-0.8316 How many years do you think it will be before anyone gives a shit what you faggots think is "toxic" or not?
-0.8271 Look up what "theism" means and then how the prefix "a" modifies a word, you dumb faggot.
-0.8271 Watching you faggots awkwardly try to squirm out of humiliating polls, sales figures, stats, etc.