/u/skitariiwaifu4trump is kind of a dick.

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0.8689 God bless and good luck.
0.743 God the salt from this is the best.
0.7423 Wow you leftists are unhinged. Thank god you don't like guns.
0.6908 Welcome to the democrat party.
0.6908 The republicans even sponsored a bill with a 3 day window to preserve due process that the democrats shot down. But it is good to see liberals true face when it comes to this issue.
0.6597 Keep on trying to swing that narrative, like a good liberal should.
0.6486 Should be funny to watch play out.
0.596 With logic this flawless it's a wonder you don't get more laws passed.
0.5423 Which is honestly hilarious because they're so open about it. No vote needs to happen as they already voted 4 times.
0.5197 Uh, yes? It's all about gun-crime with liberals these days, or do you not actually pay attention?
0.4939 Want to follow Muhammad, make better life choices.

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-0.926 This also applies to mass casualty attacks made by violent Muslims. So you're saying we need to restrict the rights of a peaceful majority over the actions of a violent minority?
-0.8807 The police don't have the resources to do anything but report on crime after the fact, they're sure as hell not going to find the subhumans who decided to beat a pregnant woman over straws.
-0.875 Because on TV the police actually give a shit. Either the car was stolen, the plates were stolen, or both.
-0.8591 Ignorant, racist, stupid people.
-0.8591 Or when liberals stop spitting on and assaulting every cop as a racist.
-0.857 Fucking chav cunt racist fuck. lol, this piece of literal human garbage.
-0.8345 "THIS IS SOME WEAK ASS SHIT." -Khorne probably
-0.8313 So this liberal claims most gun owners have criminal records and mental problems. Very progressive reasoning.
-0.8176 Oh boy, there's that 90% again. Gun manufacturers are sued all the time when a product they make is defective and harms someone.
-0.8016 So blind for the need of civilian disarmament that they buddy up to the no-fly list they hated when G.W.
-0.7906 Stupid, ignorant, racist people. It's fun watching you leftist scum foam at the mouth when you're angry. Thank god you generally hate guns and spit on the cops you need to protect you.
-0.7677 Then what? Will the police and military the liberals spit on be willing to die to disarm people in the name of liberal feelings? What if the cops and military refuse and civil order breaks down?