/u/sizzler is very positive!

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0.9423 Our enthusiastic community is our best selling point, yes we have dedicated mods and an awesome developer, but I love our community.
0.8989 I can't decide if I'm naive in thinking that she has won more but gave winning scratchcards to close friends, family that hasn't been "detected"
0.875 We've got an awesome friendly engaged community that we are always looking to grow.
0.8519 Welcome to the server have fun :)
0.8316 Excellent post and a great insight into your design process + 3 points
0.8126 In all honesty, the server needs a bit of love atm.
0.7964 Just a great generic comment :)
0.7935 The truth: Few talented non singing performers apply to be on these shows so they approach professionals with the bullshit that you dont get paid but it's great publicity.
0.7906 Thanks for taking us on a journey through historic builds with great back stories.
0.7828 I'm back online and Cy will have more free time soon so my promise to everyone is that this will be resolved within a fortnight.
0.7777 Cool area, better than having it outside that's for sure!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 Apologies for how freaking annoying lag is.
-0.6705 You are a bus driver, it's your job to stop and pick these people up and drop them off at the appropriate bus stop.
-0.631 Then reuse, used to be glass but dangerous.
-0.5574 Hello Camo. The ban will stand.
-0.5574 Taking from other players chests was the reason for the ban and it will stand.
-0.5106 It may be used to reply to people with their score implying they are a dick etc.
-0.4215 If not give me a quick reply here and Ill readd you.
-0.34 Shorter beard fine but if you know ppl doing this with big beards, stop them.
-0.34 Well I can imagine one animal finding the tragic loss of another significant.
-0.3182 Bit confused as this post has been removed and there is one comment that I can't see?
-0.3089 Were you not entertained?
-0.296 No, username relevant