/u/silver_strider is kind of a dick.

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0.6808 But I am also laughing hard at his camp and supporters talking this up as a sure fire thing.
0.6696 All the best!
0.6369 I think that image perfectly describes Berdie's campaign lately.
0.6369 These are the kind of imbeciles who would love to throw minorities under the bus.
0.5994 last time she debated she won easily, there is no need to prove that again and all that was needed to be said has already been said.
0.5859 This is an amazing story.
0.5719 How can a person expect to bern $3700 when Hillary has already won.
0.4939 Hills laughing at the sexist competition.
0.4927 So enjoyable.
0.4822 I can't stress enough how much I yearn to yell this from our roof top.
0.4588 what are the odds our favorite commissar will one day be head of some sort of a clan?

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-0.8585 Even if I hate seeing a division, I can't simply accept members getting banned and censored by just 1 person.
-0.8316 the poor fucks must be losing their minds.
-0.765 All that research said was, a ticking time bomb that will self destruct.
-0.743 if bernie ends up being non-viable, the bros would lose their shit.
-0.743 The stench of desperation from him is nauseating.
-0.7096 definition of a sore loser
-0.7003 I am actually distressed I got banned from there way too early.
-0.6808 I am sorry to say this, but I have never seen a woman as dumb as her in my life.
-0.6697 my most hated word, right-wing.
-0.6597 I am almost pulling out my hair How fucked up can the old man get.
-0.6369 And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right.
-0.6249 No amount of education can change such inherent dumbness.