/u/shrimpale is very positive!

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0.8204 The people there seem really nice and outgoing and always up for a chat :)
0.7783 It will look cleaner and nicer with confident lines.
0.7615 Here's an Ahri that I made some time back but never got around to posting it: http://shrimpale.deviantart.com/art/Ahri-411909657 :D EDIT: grammar
0.7345 One thing that I think would help is to be confident in your line strokes, and put some weight in it!
0.7088 Thanks cuddlep00p! Eh, it seems a bit TOO clean for me actually.
0.6996 Glad you like it!
0.6996 I hope that this helps!
0.6893 I think that it would look really great after you complete it!
0.6696 It looks way better colored, and your art style is cool!
0.6588 Great job for a first sketch!
0.6588 Looks awesome cuddlep00p!

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-0.6808 Does %fire damage work on the molten effect of Fire Walkers?
-0.0864 Some advice I would give is to maybe close up the ends of the lines so that it isn't 'open', thus giving a cleaner feel of the sketch.
-0.0534 The hair seems a little rigid and the facial structure looks slightly off.
0.0 Reminds me a bit of redjuice's style.
0.0 Draw the body!
0.0 You will never know how it will turn out if you don't try.
0.0 ^
0.0 Yup, gotta work on perspectives and whatnot.
0.0 I am using clip studio paint, but I'll give it a try.
0.0 Hm yea I should have made the skirt wrap around her more.
0.0 Has a really halloweeny vibe to it.
0.0 Are you going to finish the hands?