/u/shrieking-harpy is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 I needed special therapy for a fine motor skill disorder, so it would've been great to stay at one school.
0.6784 Happy birthday JML!!!
0.6597 Hope the Bs can get a W today like I did.
0.6369 Do love Clode's facial fuzz tho.
0.6249 Eastie is great.
0.6124 Edit: to clarify- I'm talking about the people who are like "our seasons over" and doomsday-like things like that.
0.5719 I also have the pleasure of hearing the commuter rail horn.
0.5423 Again, if you're generally self aware and smart its fine.
0.5106 Champs exclusive NMD
0.5095 Those of us who can't ever afford tickets really applaud your actions here
0.4949 I don't mean criticism, that's always fine.

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-0.8402 Those towns need to seriously start being held accountable for the shithead and hateful things they do.
-0.8396 I fucking hate Calgary right now almost at Habs level hate
-0.8344 That area is the most politically incorrect, racist, homophobic, and just generally a piece of shit part of Massachusetts that nobody even knows.
-0.8074 Holy shit I hate that guy
-0.802 Is it a hate crime?
-0.802 All y'all need to stuff it about Hayes, you've been hating hard on his ass
-0.7964 The kids in that town regularly call each other retarded, faggots, etc in front of teachers and other people- no one cares.
-0.7269 Summary: Fuck Jimmy Hayes, Marchy why?, Wideman is an ogre, dump and chase.
-0.7076 Came here to say there have been so many disgusting and questionable hits by the Flames that have conveniently gone unnoticed by the zebras.
-0.6669 It just makes me rage so hard
-0.6486 Morrow and Killer on D again for that goal.
-0.6418 Makes me so angry