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0.9141 I want to be best friend with you right now :D
0.8796 It's my hand :) I'm glad I still have all my fingers though, despite all the accidents I've had in the shop. In hindsight, I should've put in a banana for scale.
0.8779 Right now though, I'm just honored that people who spend money on buying something that I do on my free time :)
0.8616 I know r/engineering has a boner for Elon Musk and his creations, but honestly, I've heard nothing but bad things about their work policy.
0.8519 Thanks again for all your kind words and well-wishes, I'll be at it tomorrow morning if I have time :)
0.8286 Happy birthday to us :D
0.8271 Thank you kindly :)
0.8176 Hope this helps :)
0.8126 8 bucks It was 8 dollars well spent, in my honest opinion :)
0.8074 Don't let the douches get you down -- go on being awesome and enjoy the rest of your day or night, where ever you're at.
0.7707 This thing is going nowhere near an Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator! And thank you for your compliment!

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-0.8176 I hate to sound trite, but if you're going to adviceanimals for constructive discourse on contemporary socioeconomic or geopolitical events, you're going to have a bad time.
-0.7964 Around 3.5 pounds -- not exactly heavy, but just enough to put you in some pain if you drop it on your toes.
-0.7845 Haters gonna hate and all that jazz.
-0.7579 It will crush your toes if you accidentally drop it on your feet though :/
-0.7184 Also if I start selling it, I would probably would have to worry about copyright infringement from Valve.
-0.6808 If it is SpaceX, get the hell out.
-0.5994 As a person who's had a lot of problems with self-worth in the past, you have no idea how much this means to me.
-0.5927 I was thinking about just painting it, but that's kinda just the quick and dirty option.
-0.5868 Putting it in a CNC mill to cut all six sides kinda felt like cheating :/ Now that I have the first one made and I know how to make them well, I could probably do that now though!
-0.5574 We slowly drove the Cube knew no haste, And I had put away My portal gun and my goo too, For his Civility.
-0.5269 CNC mill with a 45 degree tapered end mill. If I was really old-schooling it, I'd put it on a lathe and turn each side, but I'm nowhere near that good yet. Maybe one day, though!
-0.5267 There were no digital readouts, no CNC mills, and the stakes were much higher too.