/u/shoplifter9003 is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 Again, your opinion is *baseless*, because you are clearly not a murderer with murder fantasies.
0.8688 Methane sequestration would be interesting, but I have hopes that more people, with better farming, will reduce their consumption/dependence upon pastoral sources .
0.7096 Nice appeal to popularity.
0.6517 AMD taking a similar approach is not something that damns support on Linux.
0.6486 /u/Subhazard: This guy has summed up my feelings pretty well.
0.6249 At least I'm comfortable in knowing that you're only here to comment half-assedly for karma, and not actually contributing anything important to the outside world. Stay in the circlejerk, ego.
0.5859 That fucking blaring synth is amazing.
0.5588 If you absolutely romp on the gas, you *might* get in front of them, but that's not worth the risk nor getting jerked around. I guarantee they see something you do not see.
0.5187 Certainly, but this creates other ecological factors we have to consider.
0.5106 You know they worship the same God, right?
0.4615 Still an absolutely awesome drop, though.

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-0.8883 You literally shoot people and intend to disfigure/maim/murder them by shooting them in the head to do the most damage possible. #That makes you a murderer, right?
-0.8494 I thought that the cold war never stopped, and that Clinton was bad because she wanted to keep fighting it? You don't get it both ways.
-0.8274 "Distended" is not a criterion for a good looking ass. EDIT: Waiting for reddit to let me respond to this deluded punk was a waste of my time.
-0.8074 The current 'having an argument' is a definition from ignorance that associates argumentation with negativity.
-0.802 You're going to keep replying with shitty meanderings that start their stumbling within my own call-outs against your shitty behavior, and this is going to continue to produce nothing.
-0.7964 You're literally so far up your own ass that the shit is seeping into your brain.
-0.7845 You can't explain *their* reasoning for them, you stupid fuck.
-0.7269 The discussion. The lack of reading comprehension on your part is the real "today's society" bullshit.
-0.7184 The colloquialism of argument is just a bad phrasing.
-0.7167 A mockingbird is not an intelligent thing with the intent to make someone feel bad.
-0.7115 Thus defeating the purpose of being inside , where you would not just hail a taxi instead. You are so mind-bogglingly in denial that it hurts.
-0.7003 Many roundabouts have no visibility from that vantage point of every part--there are plenty of shitty roundabouts out there.