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0.9169 Getting there, there's a fair bit to test but it's definitely making progress :)
0.9108 It's not a small thing to do but it's being tested as I speak so we're getting there :) I hope this helps explain it a bit!
0.7783 Seeing DPS like this is why I want to learn melee... Good god.
0.7506 I agree I didn't clarify on my original post as I was heading out but It has been talked about in the office we shall wait and see :)
0.743 Nothing's come through on reddit yet, feel free to PM me in-game also on Mod Shauny :)
0.743 Feel free to PM me the details :)
0.7096 Known issue, if we're all good it should be fixed Monday :)
0.7096 Future game updates should look much better now :)
0.7096 I hope it does that for you also, honestly.
0.6705 Slight hiccup with the Elves. That's the best excuse I got.
0.6597 I mean they take you to a link which then takes you to a thread right?... *ahem* We'll get the play button going first then get to that :)

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-0.6908 Won't be coming Monday sadly :(
-0.5267 [I'll just use this post as an excuse to post the Grim Gem tooltip that's in for the Tooltip update.]
-0.477 I will be disappointed if the model doesn't look like this now... Man I'm excited for this, I really need to get moving on my DG tokens though!
-0.4215 We're doing it for future streams, we just got hammered by logins sadly.
-0.34 Activate revolution in combat settings, that should do it for you
-0.296 I'll defer that question to /u/JagexTimbo
-0.2617 Seems like it was fixed today but missed in the patch notes Adding now
-0.25 I'm unsure there's nothing to hotfix here Reason why I say that is because I haven't really seen anyone having these issues, is there any video you can get of this?
-0.2263 Nah this displays overall Kills so will work on the mutated Helm also :)
-0.1697 Will get this changed so IM/HCIM can't see this, sorry about that!
-0.1531 :( EDIT: /u/SlayerInvalid can you PM me your display name please?
-0.1511 Will ask for you, sorry about this!