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0.9896 I'm attracted to a girl who's sweet, loving, kind, quiet but opens up to me, friendly, happy, smart, positive, adventurous and takes good care of herself.
0.9186 I'm attracted to those who love adventures/doing fun and active things too.
0.8979 Also, it would be awesome if you can share the needs you would like your women to fulfil. I have been going out and regularly hanging out with various close friends .
0.8653 Not sure why I shared so much, but it feels really nice to share it.
0.8519 Be confident , be charming and be the one responsible in making the moves.
0.8316 To be honest, your advice truly helps.
0.8316 Would be awesome if you could share those marked up passages that you like.
0.8271 USB C. Connectivity with the 2016 MacBook Pro as well as the ability to share chargers with fellow Android friends
0.8172 Best of luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAsvwy1-oxE
0.8126 Your confidence is really apparent and that's awesome.
0.802 I would love to see how similar/different our personalities are :)

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-0.6808 Durable as hell.
-0.4717 Except you never win again
-0.4439 The websites I have looked at so far don't appear very trustable.
-0.4404 It took a toll on her and she felt tired.
-0.4404 What did your sadness represent in your situation?
-0.4215 Then spent 10 minutes searching for them and found them on the floor, crushed by the tire.
-0.4019 However a month or two before the breakup we had fights every week.
-0.3818 When attacked, first reaction would be to defend myself and then strike back if its worth my time.
-0.3818 In my own experience I've found that saying ridiculous things, even asking ridiculous questions can get a person to devote their attention completely to you.
-0.3612 It's been 3 months and it sucks a little.
-0.34 Before I realised that, I acted too needy and she couldn't take it any longer.
-0.296 And drove off before realising they were missing.