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0.9014 Not me, but my stepdad has gone 3 months sober and honestly I haven't seen him and my mom this happy in a long time.
0.8883 Thanks for the giveaway, pretty awesome of ya!
0.8854 Thanks for the Info, I always loved The original DKC for the SNES so ill look into it, and I'm definitely getting Twilight Princess, thanks!
0.8779 It be great since I just realize that most of the real popular wii games are still pretty pricey considering how old they are.
0.8769 It felt so amazing that I would finally make love to the girl that has been on my mind for so many years, ya know?
0.8573 I didn't see Dallas Buyer's Club but he was surprisingly great in Mud.
0.8439 Rune Factory Frontier sounds pretty interesting I'll have to take a look, thanks!
0.8417 Thankfully our sex life vastly improved, but I'll never forget that first time :P TL;DR: Doesn't Matter, Had Sex.
0.8126 I'm pretty sure even on metacritic the show gets progressively better each season.
0.8111 I've heard really great things about the other two games so I'll definitely look up prices.
0.8047 I wish it were that easy, but trust me we have gone past the fix it stage.

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-0.7355 Yeah its breathtaking in visuals, but I was just so damn bored.
-0.7184 I'm ashamed I didn't know about them until now :(
-0.5216 "I don't love you anymore".
-0.4939 Give the first couple episodes of mad men a shot.
-0.4939 For some reason, this song has struck a chord in me that no other song has before.
-0.3753 There was no episode I didn't love and even though I wasn't there during the time of it's prime, it's still one of my favorite shows of all time.
-0.3496 But nope, I was so nervous that the condom fell off since I couldn't get hard enough.
-0.296 Breaking Bad for sure.
-0.296 Even so, I could've done without the gunplay and instead just disarming the weapon and throwing it away.
-0.296 But if I have no offers I guess I can just sell them both to you.
-0.2592 It's just time to move on, but it's incredibly hard to do so.
-0.25 Being sarcastic.