/u/sergriffin is kind of a dick.

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0.886 He didn't rape anyone, he didn't kill anyone, he didn't rob anybody.
0.7906 That actually sounds like it could be pretty cool
0.7783 obscure movie and TV references that would stump people for centuries until one brave cryptologist goes on a Dan Brown style adventure and solves the puzzle
0.7269 Just trust that he's mature enough to handle it.
0.6908 Thank You, my friend.
0.6705 This one looks pretty cool.
0.6542 You will live and die as a nameless drone who plays an important but unsung role in a small part of our society, rather than a kickass action hero who will be remembered forever.
0.6369 I wrote a love message out of the stars themselves.
0.6369 this is the only one so far that i'd actually love to do
0.6369 How can you have real, sincere sympathy for someone you don't know personally?
0.6369 I'll look into both lists to see what will work best for me.

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-0.9478 Legally and morally it was wrong, but it shouldn't be worthy of a prison sentence equal to that of a full on murder in the eyes of any sane person.
-0.8807 I would collapse your fucking skull with the sheer force of my disgusted explosive rage
-0.8779 It turned out they were pedophiles in some kind of cult and had killed one small boy and raped a little girl into a catatonic state.
-0.872 Maybe that existential crisis was actually a depression induced nervous breakdown. I think you should really try talking to him about this.
-0.8519 Dumb purple haired bitch missed it.
-0.8402 "that point I was making more from writing so I just quit, he begged me to stay, but fuck it." * Doubt
-0.8155 The scenes taking place in and around the Hansen's Disease Research Facility always made me feel very sad and uncomfortable, especially when Scully is shown the mass graves.
-0.7964 Even without the genetics and the fossils, Joseph Smith was still a documented liar and fraud.
-0.7906 Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad
-0.7851 While the extortion is messed up , its not like he was threatening to break knee-caps or burns someone's house down.
-0.7845 Guns, on the other hand, are solely built to kill or practice killing.
-0.7845 Guns, no mater what kind of rose colored glasses you look at them through, are made to kill and maim.