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0.7445 Democrats passed a compromise centrist health care plan and got nothing but violent opposition from the Republicans along with a smokescreen that it was all Kenyan Islamic Marxism.
0.7269 And the only better idea that Republicans have is repealing it entirely and throwing tens of millions off of health care.
0.7184 Wake me up when the team is done with their cardio warm ups and want to try to win a match...
0.6908 Previously, pork barrell spending kept their constituents happy, and incentivised politicians to trade favors to keep their districts flush with cash.
0.6369 We have the best Hurricanes, don't we folks?"
0.6124 It looks like they didn't even brake, but they steered, like they thought they could just make an extra lane happen...
0.6124 God, Guns, Anti-Abortion, Profits, and keep the Blacks in check.
0.5859 Startups can and should grow a lot faster than blue chips in order to be successful.
0.5719 Ask any Seattle sports fan and I'm certainly they'll agree...
0.5423 Also playing "both sides" between the bernie-or-busters and the tea party.
0.5106 What does that prove about Free Speech?

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-0.9349 http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/design/a3524/4278874/ sprinklers failed, uncontrolled fires, expansion joints failed, structural girders failed in a cascading failure.
-0.9153 When people got sick with cancer or AIDS their insurance premiums skyrocketed, their employers would fire them, they'd lose their coverage and they'd wind up in medical bankruptcy.
-0.9042 Since the battery is dead, no lights. Stopping on the highway out of choice, or leaving a drivable car stopped in the middle of the highway after an accident is pretty dumb.
-0.8555 Nobody's rights were removed. And a guy went around openly expressing a philosophy of hatred, and he got a pile of hatred in return.
-0.8555 People are often going to react to hatred with hatred.
-0.8316 Could also be drunk or sleepy, but usually lane discipline leading up those accidents is worse than in this case.
-0.8082 turns out humans have not fully perfected structural engineering in the face of a nearly worst-case disaster.
-0.7964 How about we get fully automated vehicles and ban humans from driving again, because we're all just bad at driving to a different degree.
-0.7845 its hardly an issue that is going to cause the ruination of the planet or the collapse of the republic. try switching to decaf or something.
-0.7588 Sometimes jackasses get away with shit and you can't stop them.
-0.7579 Keep in mind that before we had coverage for pre-existing conditions under Obamacare as we know it today that we had "high risk pools" for people dying of cancer and AIDS.
-0.7438 That doesn't equate to stop signs making intersections more dangerous, or the lack of stop signs making them less dangerous.