/u/sclwt1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8398 Wow you're beautiful!
0.8118 Wow you're so cute!
0.7901 Love that smile!
0.7783 I hope you don't mind if I cum on your beautiful booty
0.7783 Nice abs and gorgeous body
0.7717 Fit perfectly with your naked body
0.765 Like a masterpiece
0.743 First I will take care of your gorgeous tits
0.7245 Very cute smile and body
0.6988 You would love to see more!!
0.6705 I would like to satisfy your pussy

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6705 Will you be shy if I bury my face in your ass?
-0.6597 Fuck your pussy first and finish between your tits
-0.5216 Repost or not, I still love them
-0.5106 Such an idiot.
-0.4767 it's a shame I'm too far away.
-0.4404 Ready to be fucked
-0.3164 Ooh natural ass!
-0.2755 That's so big it doesn't fit the frame
-0.2263 He does not know what he misses
-0.2263 I wanna grab these tits and squeeze them
-0.1531 Your ass needs a good spank
-0.1494 Good job, the makeup really scared!