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0.9451 With someone with clearly broken English pretending to be me in the comments like "yes thank I love your big boob too please click link" haha.
0.9432 Idk but she's AMAZING :D jk it's just me
0.9325 Just saw this suuuper late but this community is so supportive of content creators it's amazing tbh :)
0.9324 I'm tryina get a bit more creative and incorporating different things cuz I've been finally feeling inspired again so I should be sharing more content here periodically =D
0.9041 Yes it's definitely my laundry day bra hahaha and thanks!
0.9024 Parent comment mildly concerning, but I won't worry about it because clearly we all know everyone here is over 18 and/or legal adult in their respective counties.
0.8885 Can definitely add Special Olympics to the accepted charities list, was looking for another child-centered cause on top of st jude's.
0.872 Bit of messy work and experimenting lol but if you're into DIY it's pretty fun and 90% cheaper.
0.872 I'm not, I basically kept it going for my own amusement after weaning, and to create erotic content tbh, it's fun :)
0.8613 I got a strappy dealie from torrid I love but the color on this one is so pretty!
0.8511 Ha fair enough :) I mostly just get weirded out hearing my voice so I need a fresh pair of ears from time to time.

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-0.7096 At my peak production I let one fill up over two days while keeping the other drained for comparison, these are 3 sequential pics morphed together with no other manipulation or whatever.
-0.6878 I'd be so sad :o
-0.6808 I mean it's *kiiinda* hokey, as I'm quoting Titanic, but I think most who've followed me a while are used to my lame quips and puns and whatnot heh
-0.6514 Liiike "HEY get your DUMB BOOBS off my feed!"?
-0.4588 I suppose, I dunno how many people actually follow this sub, I've sucked at keeping up most of the with it since getting a new irl job.
-0.3934 I thought about PhD but it's not really worth it since I don't want to be in academia forever.
-0.3818 Weird it musta been delayed.
-0.3804 I'm so confused.
-0.3566 Been getting more comfy with more audio in my clips that add a bit so it's a shame to cut that out in just gifs :)
-0.3182 Not getting any bigger though, I recently lost 15 lbs and they shrank a smidge.
-0.3182 Kinda bummed eroshare closed, lost a lot of content from that
-0.2924 What does that mean, do they not accept erome or am I...