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0.9884 I'm a Cocoa lover myself, but I'm really for Rize winning this Best Girl Contest as well and in the end, I'm glad we can celebrate the fact that all girls in GochiUsa are best girls!
0.93 Congratulations to the new mods of /r/anime and I wish you best of luck. []
0.9255 It's has been a great pleasure to rewatch this wonderful show with you guys and may this not be the last of those moments!
0.9069 Headaches suck as does not being able to eat a lot of foods, but other than that, I'm better than I was yesterday at least! Aww, glad to hear your head is getting better!
0.8993 Thanks Morty, don't forget that you are also a prize for this community for always being awesome in FTF~ []
0.8689 Overall it has been a great ride and I think I'm going to read the WaSuYu novel as well to find some extra comparisons between these movies and the novel.
0.8687 Jup, and seeing as my friend is also a huge Zelda fan, he will appreciate this a lot!
0.8398 Thanks for your kind words, I will certainly going to let you know what I will think about it when I watch it!
0.8316 Ah yes, I actually forgot to even mention about that, but I hope I can play that VN.
0.8266 Currently figuring out a class I would like to level in first, but I can't say I'm particularly good with the game as well.
0.8217 As the host of this rewatch, I'm very glad to hear that you wanted to make GochiUsa as an exception~ Hope we will see more of each other in other threads as well!

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-0.7003 Oh shit, there is no turning back now... [] ~~Which anime is this from, if I may ask?~~
-0.6705 I've heard that Symphogear somehow got blocked outside Japan for some weird reasons, so meanwhile here I am, waiting for the subs when I'm on the Symphogears/YuYuYu discord.
-0.6124 one of the saddest goodbye I've seen. []
-0.5255 I feel ashamed of myself! []
-0.4215 HE'S GUILTY OF...
-0.4019 ~~Aside from the mental breakdown I had when I was on the YuYuYu Discord last Friday~~.
-0.3818 Oi Meta, picking a fight with me? []
-0.296 I've watched Yama no Susume a while back.
-0.2732 I've tried the game Killing Floor after I got it free from Steam.
-0.0762 you weren't kidding with spending 8 hours on your model []
-0.0276 And it feels just damn satisfying to save your teammates when they almost die.
0.0 *Yuuki-Yuuna-is-a-Hero*