/u/sancturius is very positive!

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0.9314 I like to occasionally play with expectations, to keep things interesting, and hopefully hold your attention :) Thanks again for listening.
0.8807 Wow, great harmonies.
0.8687 I was however fortunate enough to have a really passionate music teacher who inspired me a lot, and now music is what I live for.
0.8221 Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it.
0.8074 Rachmaninoff is one of my favourite composers and greatest inspirations, so there's a big influence there.
0.7964 I wouldn't know a term for that either, haha. Glad I was able to surprise.
0.7783 Not everyone may like his music, but I know his mixes are always excellent.
0.7778 That was fantastic, very enjoyable.
0.765 Remarkable improvement over your previous one.
0.742 I really liked it. Small criticism, I felt that the left hand could've been a bit more dynamic.
0.7351 Can't honestly say I've listened to much of his work, but now I've been listening for a while and it's absolutely gorgeous.

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-0.7964 Your criticism about lack of texture variety is spot-on, I know that's one of my weak points.
-0.7158 So it's a real pain when I wind up deleting something I've worked on for hours because the composition itself wasn't good enough.
-0.4767 Especially considering that my notes in the piano roll never correctly align with the tempo grid, they usually come in slightly earlier to compensate for the slow attack on the sampled instruments.
-0.4588 I'd personally consider it rude to ask a bus driver and an entire bus full of people to wait for you.
-0.4588 Seems unfortunate to me.
-0.3612 Ridiculous.
-0.3182 It sounds disjointed because of that. * Volume.
-0.2732 Your track is relatively low on volume the entire way.
-0.2263 It doesn't come off as compassionless to me, it's simply his job to ensure people reach their destinations in time, and he shouldn't have to compromise for just one person.
-0.1708 I'm inexperienced with writing orchestral scores so I completely overlooked that.
-0.1531 I agree with /u/spidervis, the attack on the strings is too long, it's almost as if they are constantly winding up.
-0.0516 *Leg* , or *sus* should do the trick.