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0.8779 Like wow they look amazing
0.8687 Oh wow, really nice finish here & keep up the good work
0.8658 Good healthy living is great especially when it's homegrown
0.8625 I wish cedar was more accessible where I live, looks such a nice timber to work with & the bird house is awesome
0.8563 I love it & very often forget about great projects you can do with 2*4 pine, cool &'I'm going to check out some of your other projects
0.8516 Like wow, this is very nifty work
0.8481 Great little build, banana scale is great
0.8481 One of the best Storage Solutions in the shop is getting your large clamps off the ground & placed away in some order, this project is a fun one that can be done with offcuts
0.844 That is so nice, love the design
0.836 Wow, how many weddings do you attend, they look awesome
0.8151 I've always found that I can learn shop tips from others, magazines provide useful tips but at times video tips can be a useful tool as well

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-0.631 I just bought one for the shop vac but they came with wrong size hoses, should of done the same as you
-0.2912 Old motto if it seems unsafe to cut don't do it, yes common sense but many don't have it
0.0 I hear they're available in the town of Bullock
0.0 They are, some call them exotic woods
0.0 Sand up to 320 grit & hit it with a water based Poly gloss, will look sensational
0.0 Most Matt polys will do the job, put 3 coats with light sanding between them
0.0 Workbench, shop stool, shelving, garden furniture etc etc
0.0 What a ripper
0.0 Maybe add a veneer to the fronts ?
0.0 What's Hackberry mate ?
0.0 Looks a sturdy base
0.0 Do you still use it ?