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0.9022 Great writeup, thanks for sharing the solution.
0.8591 Love the fact that it can be used for any language or for that matter anything :-) thanks.
0.8422 Shades of jQuery :-) but nonetheless a good clean approach IMO.
0.8268 Thank you for a very clear writeup; much appreciated.
0.8225 Thanks for sharing, despite the constructive comments about axios.all and axios.spread this is still a good sample app to learn the ropes of VueJS i.e.
0.7983 ROFL -- this is hilarious.
0.7906 Thanks for the great article.
0.7684 Massive.js is not an ORM, but if your strength is in writing sql queries, this may be worth a look.
0.765 I've used [splinter] with fairly good success for this sort of thing.
0.7506 If you can state your requirements in more detail, I'd be happy to provide some snippets of code to help address what you are facing.
0.7159 [Rethinkdb] seems to be a very good fit for what you are asking.

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-0.3612 I presume that you are either going to ignore this column in your Jitterbit or Dataloader mapping file. Lastly, this script will print the header row thrice.
-0.2023 I've seen posts that extend it to MSSQL. According to the author of Massive.js , it strikes a balance between writing straight-up sql queries and a full-blown ORM.
-0.128 Just a constructive piece of criticism on what I think is a worthwhile endeavor.
-0.1027 Its hard to make out what exactly you are trying to do.
-0.0516 I figured that you can manually edit the two redundant rows ;-) Caveat Emptor: I provide this derivative code with no warranties implied or otherwise whatsoever.
0.0 Is there a github repo for the skeleton project?
0.0 I've tried just about everything listed in this thread, and I keep returning back to Monaco.
0.0 Could someone post an example using a csv file as the source.
0.0 I could not find an example in the docs or the cookbook.
0.0 Groovy is my go to alternative to Python.
0.0 I've been meaning to learn Rust, but have not gotten around to it yet.
0.0 I'll be using this approach in the near future.