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0.9144 my only CC is that i think your lips would look better without the overlining, but i love the color on them :)
0.9136 i have regulars that i love even though they don't tip often, they're just super nice and that's what's important
0.8779 haha aww yay, happy bacon kad ~
0.8655 you're totally free to order whatever you want, and most of us don't mind at all as long as you're nice about it :)
0.8573 i think you're in the right regarding the refill, but i would've just given the guy store credit too if he was happy with it.
0.8459 we just took down our sign for the unicorn altogether, but honestly that was probably the better idea!
0.8402 that way it's up and you don't have to deal with it but it still looks cute :)
0.8386 i'm not sure if it was a green bean or another partner not paying attention, but someone made toasted coconut whip instead of marshmallow...it was pretty good though!
0.8316 like others said i would definitely talk to your manager when you can, but maybe putting your foot down to her in certain situations would help.
0.8307 i wrote out a 3 day a week workout schedule, so i'm hoping that'll help me at least get the structure down again :)
0.8268 it's so easy to get into that perfectionist mindset haha.

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-0.9568 everyone i know loves trader joe's, but i got the worst food poisoning from their yogurt one time and that killed it for me
-0.8883 but in my mind that still wasn't enough and i was frustrated and didn't do it, which is how i sabotage myself!
-0.8107 these people are paying $5+ for a drink, so i think it's shitty if you make them feel bad about it.
-0.7703 we should be able to afford rent no problem while working 40 hours a week, so it's ridiculous that in most areas we can't.
-0.7506 i do think it's annoying when people hate them on principal though.
-0.743 when i was about 15, my grandfather was sick and in the hospital, but the doctors never really knew what was wrong with him.
-0.7269 then if she complained that you hurt her feelings, just say that you're not trying to be mean, just doing your job
-0.6996 i struggle really badly with anxiety too, and i think that's a really good first step, and it'll make tackling everything else seem a little less intimidating
-0.6956 i need to replace my mascara...i've had the same tube of bts for 9 months, but i'm horrible about throwing out mascara until it completely dries up.
-0.6486 i mean, people shit on frappuccinos pretty hard in this sub, so i can see why people would feel bad asking for one
-0.6419 some days this works better than others, but gotta get shit done anyway!
-0.6369 i woke up and started getting ready for school, then i got a phone call from my brother crying, saying that our grandpa had died.