/u/rockguy21 is kind of a dick.

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0.8805 The red really compliments the gold, and those farming implements can look pretty bad ass when overlapped correctly.
0.8591 Yes, we all love and admire the two man that horribly stained and tarnished the good name of communism.
0.7717 A true champion of the proletariat.
0.7506 I'm sure the military official's whose job it is to serve a government that has a vested interest in destroying socialist countries is certainly a neutral party
0.6597 Of all Stalin's ideas, I think we can agree burning Berlin to the ground and the Red Army Choir were the two good ones.
0.6461 I don't get why people thinks this would work, do you really think God would let you off that easy?
0.6369 If there's one thing the past few months have taught me, it's that moderates love Nazis.
0.6361 I really value the opinion of a r/europeannationalism poster like you, which has actually fucking Hitler as the snoo.
0.6249 I wish I didn't need my mouse to play games or have any keys on my keyboard.
0.6142 It clearly says *STATE SOCIALISM* which totally isn't contradictory or anything.
0.6136 They didn't want to waste good gold.

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-0.9118 Franklin's dad fought in the Vietnam war you sick fucks.
-0.9062 But assault weapons, high capacity magazines, and their availability in America facilitate the ability of mass shooters to hurt more people than they would otherwise be able to harm.
-0.8687 The most sinister form of terrorism is mild vandalism.
-0.854 Are you being sarcastic or are you really that stupid. Edit: Nvm you post in r/conspiracy you really are that stupid.
-0.8205 Oh no progressives are worried that children regularly get shot to death because guns are so easy to get in America, what bastards.
-0.8 They're visualizing stalin so they can destroy the wicked state socialists.
-0.7925 Even if the Aztecs did some really disgusting shit, because they did, I don't think that's a fair excuse to commit genocide against an entire hemisphere.
-0.7717 Nobody says that mass shootings are caused by the mere presence of assault weapons.
-0.6705 I wouldn't say Ice Cube hates Jews, I'd just say he has a dislike for several very specific Jews.
-0.6597 That's the shittiest Max Stirner I've ever seen.
-0.6542 Hey, I'm not saying I'm tearing up at the loss of the Aztec civilization, but you gotta admit that Old World settlers did unspeakable shit to the untold numbers of Native Americans.
-0.6115 I fucking hate every Linux community.