/u/rncbinc is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 It was pretty funny, I'm a big fan of white spiny text in videos
0.7096 Pretty sure people wouldn't be treating OP like the victim.
0.7003 Not super keen on "Numerius" though considering the amount of badass names in this thread.
0.6597 Orc Warrior, feel like it's a good class/combo for the whole "Warlords" theme.
0.5994 it's beautiful
0.5423 Dude I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic
0.539 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qZvIVsgJ_4 More Disney inspired machinama.
0.4715 Even though we're excluding powerful characters there's a common theme in the people who kick the most ass and take the most names in WoW, they all just happen to be fireball slinging mages.
0.4404 Depends on how much of their monthly quota has been filled, a safe bet is about 5-10 over.
0.4404 They're the workhorse of any good medieval army.
0.4019 Now how would that help his opinion?

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-0.9559 Listen I'm sorry you got busted for having some pot, or a cop wrote you a speeding ticket, but does that mean that all cops are hell bent on causing destruction and abusing your rights?
-0.8402 You're just a karma whore capitalizing on a sudden trend of cop hate.
-0.8316 http://i.imgur.com/UdnzP0z.jpg Just finished the Civil War and a War with the Seleucid's and most of their satraphys.
-0.8271 Because killing someone is a traumatizing experience.
-0.807 As an egotistical dipshit I find this very offensive.
-0.7906 Piss off you karma whore
-0.7783 It's an unfortunate loss, but if you upgraded them enough you have Gatling guns that have +2 range and can attack twice.
-0.7506 You can beat someone in a fight ,but stomping on their head once they've given up is just disgusting.
-0.7003 He's already stated he knew what he was doing and there is no way he didn't know that it was illegal.
-0.6908 He knew it was illegal and now he's bitching about having to face the consequences.
-0.6652 I'm sorry but I can't take the claim " Sex Offenders are being mistreated" seriously.
-0.6486 You've probably committed no major crimes and are just pissed off about nothing.