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0.9468 I'm really good at giving blowjobs :D my favorite thing to do is stop while I'm on top and go down on a guy for a little, and I've been told that's super hot.
0.9393 I love it when guys tease me before fucking the shit out of me lol. Thanks for your questions :)
0.9278 That's what I care about the most, I used to care about being hot/pretty just not a priority anymore. Boobs, thighs, and pussy :D I have a ton, I enjoy traveling.
0.8872 I do need payment a few hours before so it can clear, so please message me asap if you're interested! I accept google wallet and squarecash. Wanna buy my content?
0.8622 :) glad you enjoyed it!
0.8399 I also have some very special things planned for reaching 20K I love you guys.
0.8313 Glad to hear that :) thank you!
0.8221 I'm excited for Dunkirk to come out! My favorite was probably France, Morocco and Japan, and I hope to study abroad in South Africa next year.
0.8176 Come join the fun with me :)
0.8126 I hooked up with my good friend once and it was huge.
0.8074 Probably telling me I'm smart or a good person or interesting.

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-0.7177 Haven't had the opportunity yet though. Biggest dick I've ever had??
-0.6902 Unfortunately it's shutting down and I haven't found a great alternative yet..
-0.6597 I've always wanted to have a threesome and get fucked by my boss.
-0.5588 Would love to do anal I'm just not ready yet that shit hurts
-0.5334 I don't mean to sound conceited in anyway but if people didn't enjoy my content, I wouldn't post here.
-0.4939 You can imagine my fear wearing it in public
-0.4767 Think you may have the wrong person, I've never done business with you before.
-0.4186 I was kind of overwhelmed when I was sucking on it/being fucked haha. I've been with 5 men! My biggest fantasy?
-0.3664 If you like what you see but don't want to purchase, check out my other GW content or drop me a PM!
-0.3089 I do get hit on a lot, I usually just let people know I'm not interested right away if I'm not into it.
-0.308 I'm not sure yet!
-0.296 Probably being teased.