/u/rguin is kind of a dick.

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0.8074 I'll respect him by not grovelling at his feet like a fuckwit, as his wish.
0.7778 Now, I think Trump has some pretty fucking significant white nationalist inclinations, and, oddly enough, that's the one place where white nationalists and I agree on something.
0.7579 I'm perfectly calm.
0.7534 Yes it happened Actually, we don't know if this Dreamer did or didn't kill someone.
0.714 Thus why we say "freeze peach" in mockery of them. They don't give a fuck about freedom of speech in its entirety.
0.6808 I was gonna give 'em, but /u/Bag3l was kind enough to do it for me.
0.6705 have fun living in your lala-land. Yeah, dude, I'm 100% the strawman you trot out against every liberal you come across.
0.6478 That doesn't mean the fights weren't just or right, but we've not had a credible threat against our sovereignty as a nation since 1812. 1.
0.6369 If I applied this logic to any movement you support, you'd pitch a week-long fit.
0.6369 which says nothing about the recipient of that privilege; it's a descriptor of how society tends to view and treat the person in question.
0.6369 A few fuckwits in that group just took it a bit too far in ways that have negligible impact at best.

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-0.9359 You're god fucking damn right I am. And you're god fuckind damn right I do. The racist cunts 'round here need someone calling their shit out.
-0.9041 Hell, probably even less because a big part of what makes us a threat is that we could completely wreck someone's economy with a few dozen words.
-0.8658 The people protesting Trump were the ones locking arms. The kneelers were always protesting police racism.
-0.8481 the murder is. The harm isn't that they're here illegally...
-0.8479 the harm is that they fucking murdered someone.
-0.8402 But Obama didn't call NFL players "sons of bitches" for saying racism exists in policing.
-0.8225 Without additional focus or legislation, racist abuses are going to continue.
-0.7964 To say horrid shit without social recourse, and 2.
-0.7783 That'd mean that police racism is still a problem in 10 years. Let's not.
-0.7783 I keep saying this and you keep ignoring it. You keep trying to justify the mistreatment; that's not saying it doesn't exist, that's being a dickhead.
-0.7759 I totally call people racist for mere disagreement.
-0.7351 People get incorrectly accused of murders from time to time...