/u/responsiblegunpwner is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 Sure, sure, the police care about my rights, just like they cared about the rights of Tamil Rice and Eric Garner and James Blake and...
0.8873 Just make sure you get an official NRA Good Guy With A Gun^ decoder ring so the other Good Guys With Guns^ know that you're an official Good a Guy With A Gun^ and not a Bad Guy With A Gun.
0.8625 It's an easy way to gain confidence and validation, sold under the fairy tale that you're "protecting" yourself and your family.
0.7845 The odds of this child being an emotionally stable, productive adult were probably pretty low to begin with if these were its parents, now they're even lower thanks to the easy availability of guns.
0.7696 If we had more heroes like him, think of all the savings to taxpayers not having to pay police and pensions and health insurance and judges and courts and ...
0.7579 I'm sure this guy is a perfectly normal dude.
0.7003 He should have bought the [official NRA Good Guy With A Gun^^ decoder ring] so the police knew he was an official Good Guy With A Gun.^^
0.6996 The strong will survive and the weak will be culled and America will be Great Again^ !
0.6808 My favorite part is that the guntrolls seem to think this somehow vindicates their opposition to such measures.
0.6597 Yeah, pretty much.
0.6597 This was an active sub with active mods, they just gave it over to the guntrolls.

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-0.9554 smart guy, which one sounds more logical: A) crime dropped because a whole lot of criminals were locked up or dead or B) crime dropped because more people owned guns and criminals were afraid?
-0.9371 And 100% of people who use a gun to commit suicide are just as dead as the people who are murdered.
-0.9349 They use fear and threats of violence, along with the occasional actual violence, to push a radical political agenda.
-0.926 By the mid 1990s, most of the people involved in that were either dead or in jail, coincidentally enough the same time that crime rates, including murder, plummeted across the board.
-0.9251 More guns, more shooting, more death, more fear, more ignorance, **we can do this!!!!**
-0.8999 What kind of sick fuck fetishizes death so much that he needs to buy an entire collection of it in one go?
-0.8948 Most people who fail a suicide attempt never try it again, another fact that makes your argument even more fallacious.
-0.8591 The government specifically blocks the CDC from researching gun violence, the only type of restriction placed on that organization.
-0.8481 Fact is, if they started talking about gun control after every gun tragedy, they wouldn't have time to talk about anything else.
-0.8225 Clearly she was a Bad Guy With A Gun, because only a Good a Guy With A Gun^ can shoot a Bad Guy With A Gun or something.
-0.8176 I often wonder if these jerkoffs just walk into random stores or offices and shout hate filled screeds at the people in them or if they're just assholes on the internet.
-0.8074 If you haven't locked one around your wife and your daughters, it's your own fault when they're raped.