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0.9575 RANDUM XD XD XD only nerds will get this lol
0.9477 hehehe it's le Pacman and le Super Mario xD I like the bit where Mario is naked and he wiggles his butt at le pacman xD like something the Minions would do.
0.926 Lol it's funny cus his eyes are looking in different directions like le derp meme and he did the middle finger which is like a cuss word xD
0.7768 Remember when crates first came out and people said "they won't ruin the game don't worry" and now you have people who'll literally spend $125 of their parents money on an item to look cool.
0.7713 Hahaha so true.
0.765 Lol the naughty man said a cuss word xD
0.7574 I mean, if you genuinely enjoy working at the grocery store then all the more luck to you...
0.7495 Looks like a really fun game!
0.7394 Don't get me wrong, these always look delicious but...
0.7269 I see good justification for banning the indy in the comments section of pretty much every default subreddit...
0.7263 Nope not anymore, you've got to throw your money into the abyss and hope it spits out something good!

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-0.8779 Children who misbehave often have troubles at home, such as financial troubles that put pressure on the parents.
-0.8658 If only there were some way to stop these dangerous pieces of equipment designed specifically for killing people getting into the hands of members of the public.
-0.8553 It's a fucking insult to the intellect of the fans, and it makes a film bad because it means there is no longer any jeopardy.
-0.85 Your fault for pouring so much time into this shit boring game then, isn't it.
-0.8402 When you have this density of stupid in one place, it's no wonder you guys voted in Trump and refuse to take action to stop mass shootings.
-0.8316 Who the fuck upvoted this shit, seriously guys...
-0.8271 a window into the life of a sad, sad lonely man
-0.8225 Fuck the Tories and fuck the comfortable Tory sympathisers, because they're coming for you next cunts.
-0.802 The rush to grab karma when someone dies is bad enough, not even being able to wait until they've kicked the bucket is a whole other level of pathetic and cunty.
-0.7964 Women aren't "taking the day off sick" because they're "too triggered to function" or whatever bullshit you claim was reported.
-0.765 People can comment whatever the hell they like, and it's my right to tell them to fuck off.
-0.7579 Get a life OP, you sad loser.