/u/relubbera is kind of a dick.

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0.8763 Don't go to war with your Son. as malerion, mama morahti is my only friend in the entire world and a wonderful meat shield between me and everything.
0.8462 but with the caveat that the medium they use means they have gained no useful skills from doing it. It's popular among the kids though, so whatever.
0.7703 It's a great buffer for building up your early provinces without the ARTIFICIAL DIFFICULTY OF PUBLIC ORDER holding you back.
0.7351 I mean, it's true, but races are pretty distinct in that few percents they have different.
0.6486 Many of them, like 2game and stuff, are on segas list of approved retailers.
0.6369 That's the best outcome for the EU.
0.6369 How about *you* go live in your abortion paradise.
0.6124 No self respecting grand strategy game has *two player campaigns.*
0.5859 Ok, two seconds has made it clear that that account is a muslim sleeper who goes around defending islam in every sub he can find.
0.5859 He was rather successful.
0.5859 Expanding too much is a death sentence in legendary since after four stacks you are paying like 5k just for the lord, good luck defending.

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-0.8999 That doesn't even make sense because, at the very worst, the bodies would stop the archers killing everyone.
-0.8646 It speaks more of a gang problem in inner cities rather than the lone wolf mass murderer this fellow is trying to employ.
-0.8519 although I stand by what I said, he is wrong about the race and you should just wait it out until you remove the dangerous factions from positions they can attack you.
-0.8201 but hey, since when did you need genuine evidence to convict people of rape?
-0.8176 Was a bad time for Egypt, thousands were murdered at will by the state Egyptian man was democractically elected and the defender of the people.
-0.802 This sub is shit, and will always be shit.
-0.7623 I'm not a fan of marxism or terrorism, so republicanism does not appeal to me.
-0.7506 Are they purposely walking up the pile to die at the top? It's got and they sent an unarmored giant to commit suicide, so they aren't really going for effort here.
-0.7351 You're gonna need to show your military history degree before I even bother calling out the bullshit here.
-0.7003 Next you'll be telling me something idiotic like how he was a "islamic extremist" Do you hate democracy, is that it?
-0.6908 You should stop talking out your ass. http://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/java/11hello/HelloWorld.java.html Start here.
-0.6818 If you don't like Ireland you can fuck off.