/u/redneva is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9011 It was fun, but would love to play it on a computer.
0.8689 Would love to play it with my friend.
0.807 Awesome, thanks OP!
0.7867 I tried so hard to support her and encourage her whatever it was she wanted to accomplish but felt like I never got the same treatment back.
0.784 Would love to play it on my first ever built computer!
0.784 Would love to play that game!
0.765 Sounds like an awesome idea.
0.765 Would love to play it.
0.7579 It certainly looks good, but IS it any good?
0.743 Looks like an amazing game.
0.7345 Good luck to all others though!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5267 298, Joe Danger 2.
-0.34 And what other kinds of lag should you expect when you're using a server?
-0.2481 I would like Mad Max!
-0.1779 It's a weird rock which wiggles.
-0.0516 It almost always resulted in her feeling bad about herself if I succeeded in something.
-0.0382 Don't lose hope, fellow humans.
0.0 Tsshn olisi jnn, jos voisi huomioida mys homoseksuaalisuuden.
0.0 Pstisiink lhemms 1:1 suhdetta heteroille?
0.0 Is that a track we already know or a new one?
0.0 If we're talking about just two people connecting to the server, how taxing would it be for it?
0.0 I don't know any hardware specifics at the moment but it's an old one.
0.0 I'm still a bit new to this posting thing, so I'm getting my bearings where exactly I should be posting things.