/u/rebeccastilles69 is very positive!

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0.9337 Thank you darling :3 I like no panties the best
0.8984 I can if you guys are interested in that! I more wanted to see a bit about you, and I'm loving watching the results come in :D
0.8951 I added a ton to my Pornhub page and this Daddy roleplay one is my favorite :) https://www.pornhub.com/users/rebeccastilles Hope this brightens up your week
0.8949 It might be cliche but it was sweet so I'll allow it :) Come make me breakfast in bed
0.8908 Haha I appreciate that as a girl with small boobies I was hoping you all liked both!
0.8885 I love that ;) lol I'm flattered
0.8858 Haha I love your enthusiasm!
0.8832 Haha just know seeing this is making me smile :) thank you!
0.8555 This so much this!!! I have a lovely SO and I'm lucky enough he does content with me.
0.8481 Thanks love (;
0.8398 It's an old video but I'm glad you liked it!

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-0.8314 I ban and block every "hater" that messages and when he sees anything negative he doesn't have to worry because I'm there and we collectively don't give a **shit.**
-0.7712 You might also want to add something like this to your policy page for future customers - **Personal attacks and degradation outside of shows will result in and an instant block without refund!**
-0.5859 I think most sellers do enforce a strict no content before payment rule. If you feel like asking the full amount is harsh maybe offer a lower priced "modeling" show ex.
-0.5849 I think I have some ideas I'll post more ass I'm probably over using the emojis at this point
-0.5255 What you're saying is right, I'm sad to see it downvoted!
-0.4767 "A broken heart" probably means drug overdose.
-0.4019 I think "Mass Murderer" might cover it better under those conditions ^or^evil^dictator
-0.3612 From the morning when I'm wet to lonely late nights.
-0.34 I don't have an inflatable butt plug yet :/
-0.3328 Feet, dirty talk and ass from what I can tell :D
-0.1779 It was a long rant but the main take away is that redditor is a garbage-man
-0.1531 "Gonna poot from my chute, watch my loot?" -Awkward