/u/rcoacci is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 Also Griffin and Wolf armors give great sign bonus.
0.8047 I use it everyday and it may not be on par with VS, but if you want something portable or need to run on Linux it's one of the best choices.
0.7783 A Greater glyph gives 10% to the respective sign, 4 greater glyphs gets you an additional 40%.
0.6369 I'm sure there are better languages for that.
0.6194 Other than that, I really agree with OP here, B&W higher vampires really broke the "wow Wild Hunt are so powerful!" thing.
0.5994 Unless I've got no skills in Quen or haven't slotted any of the Quen skills you should get a pretty good Quen Intensity.
0.5984 It's more like testing if the mechanic can create an F1 engine from scratch, given raw materials and tools.
0.5859 And Eclipse Foundation is the winner of the most recent Oracle abandonware.
0.5859 Otoh, game mechanics wise, we had a stronger Geralt, so we needed a stronger enemy too.
0.5859 Well that's interesting.
0.5719 You sure you played Witcher 3?

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-0.8765 Consider for example, doing number crunching in C/C++: it's completely possible but in general is a pain in the ass compared to Fortran .
-0.7684 Now think about creating a GUI in Fortran: it's also possible but I'm sure it's a pain in the ass compared to C/C++.
-0.6872 For most of the fight she got beaten.
-0.5994 Because in my experience, one only torture oneself with C for down to the metal performance.
-0.5994 mutagens) on Death March without any armor and it'll still be a walk in the park.
-0.5719 CLion is also Java based, from the same developers of IntelliJ and they don't get the same hate.
-0.5574 Also, use signs, for instance fire golem is affected by Aard, an Ice Golem is affected by Igni.
-0.5457 In my experience, doing *anything* that's not number crunching in Fortran *is a pain in the ass*, except for simple stuff.
-0.5423 The syntax is horrible and would have similar performance as equivalent C++ code.
-0.5267 Pai rico pai pobre, um bom livro, o problema so as pessoas querendo aplicar os exemplos prticos dele no mercado americano aqui no Brasil.
-0.5267 No h novidades, no ltimo referendo ganhou a liberao mas o governo resolveu ignorar.
-0.5267 Como eu disse, no imparcial mas pelo menos mais coerente que a maioria, no fica defendendo corruptos de estimao.