/u/randomLoop is kind of a dick.

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0.7506 [My friend imitating my other friend, with both their pets imitating their owners]
0.7449 Only hope is the UN won't ban Israel's self defense as inhumane.
0.6705 This way you are also making sure the store is updated on save.
0.5719 I have eaten someones delicious soul.
0.4939 Lucky SOB POW's :P
0.4588 Acceptance - later on...
0.4588 Your english grammar needs to be perfect in order to be taken seriously on some subs.
0.4404 A siren went off in the middle of the night and me and my family rushed to a safe room, wearing our gas masks for the first time, and we could hear the impacts.
0.4404 Guess that explains why your brush smells funny, OP
0.4019 I wish I had the time to do that kind of thing.
0.4019 The married one or the engaged one?

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-0.9062 He died from lung cancer after living a life of poverty.
-0.8408 Human shields or not, in a battlefield you are to kill or to be killed.
-0.743 And yes, dealing with rockets fired and killing civilians kind of makes it a 'kill-or-be-killed scenario'.
-0.7184 Killing 1,500 children is easy when your enemy uses them as bullet proof vests.
-0.7003 Damn, you're even worse than the antichrist
-0.6908 Fish is murder, and also are eggs and dairy.
-0.6808 Because people underestimate the danger of speeding.
-0.6711 IMO the purpose of taking cold showers is to adapt yourself with doing something you really don't enjoy, so it will work with every temperature that makes you feel uncomfortable.
-0.6597 The current situation is a classic 'Casus belli', which in any other 'normal' democratic country would, in return, lead to the killing of hundreds of civilians.
-0.6249 It looks terrorized.
-0.5994 After all, old habits die hard...
-0.5994 This happened on the first day of the Gulf War, 1990.