/u/ramblinrambo3 is kind of a dick.

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0.7506 In fact I'm pretty confident in saying that you're not even a subscriber here.
0.7269 Thanks to AIPAC and the "Muh greatest ally" propaganda.
0.7096 And if there's one thing that is certain, it is that nature will always win.
0.6705 Ok it was fun while it lasted.
0.6666 Yeah re-hosts are against the rules so do your best to avoid posting such material.
0.6652 You being reprimanded for something that someone else also did but which did not notice is not a Get Out of Jail Free Card.
0.6597 Yes, yes it did.
0.6597 But mainly because it's funny to trigger people like you.
0.6369 To the best of my understanding, even if I have not been following closely, he is cooperating.
0.6369 Trump is not far-right even if you'd love that he was.
0.6369 Yet some cuckservatives and Trump zionists love to defend the filth that is the jew.]

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-0.836 The biggest mystery here is how in the hell the court thought that someone would put a dick in that pig.
-0.8316 Perceived and real racism, [insert phobia], "hate speech" etc.
-0.7964 If you don't put more effort into your answers and just recite shit you think is real because media told you to think it I'll police your ass out of this sub and fast.
-0.765 Possibly more so because they do the same things knowing that there is no afterlife. Listen faggot.
-0.7435 Meaning that it's not as easy for censoring cunts to take it down. Read more here: https://www.bitchute.com/faq
-0.6597 UK police is too busy looking for evil tweets.
-0.6369 Since OP broke the rules and we mods missed it, I'll leave this thread up.
-0.631 Not that I expected anything more, but this was a poor one even for leftist standards.
-0.63 You really have no arguments, you just want to hype something your overlord has told you to hype about and you've not given what you say a second of thought.
-0.6124 You can't be this stupid.
-0.6124 But I'm a national socialist and racist.
-0.6124 Still won't make the symbol itself racist.