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0.9548 Would recommend maybe curling the symbol more to give more of the ocean wave feel, but otherwise, kudos for being a great friend!
0.9357 :D This stuff makes me so happy, even a full day of studying for exams feels like luxury time to make tea :)
0.9202 And the best thing is, what you learn will help all of us here learn, too, so I hope you share the results with us to compare.
0.9091 A typical gift from Taiwan, but for good reason, this is usually some great stuff.
0.9074 The first time having a Chinese gongfu black was pretty mind-blowing too, like, wow, this tastes like chocolate, is this black tea??
0.9001 Those darker teas actually seem to do better with a mix of filtered water + tap water, but who knows. Ultimately it comes down to just making the tea, and pursuing perfection slowly but surely.
0.8934 The site's as gorgeous as Boba Guys and the content promises to be just as awesome.
0.891 Happy fox is pretty happy.
0.8807 I tried this by accident and was pretty pleasantly surprised. Also, a good Japanese green tea with thick-cut bacon is pretty swell.
0.88 Glad to be sharing this delicious ride with you guys, /r/tea.
0.8743 Just wanted to provide a bit of background and disclaimer for my advice, since I know you must be really treasuring your leaf material, haha! Glad to hear that you've got your tea plant going!

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-0.8481 While each tea region has their own serious problems, tea pickers in India are having a terrible, terrible time.
-0.7713 Weak milky taste in tea just kind of kills it.
-0.7178 Depending on where you are, tap water can be decent for making tea, or it can completely kill the flavor...
-0.7003 Not worry, not worry.
-0.6486 There's no shame in TAD. ...right?...
-0.6369 Other potential issues: using microwave-heated water and/or low water temperature, poor leaf quality, old/stale leaves...?
-0.6249 "I've been brushing my teeth for 9 hours and now I have no teeth to worry about.
-0.5719 It was a one-time lesson, but it was disheartening and eye-opening enough about the Indian tea systems...
-0.5423 Also, when adding milk, you might want to overbrew the heck out of the black tea in the first place, so that you can have some bitterness to cut with the milk.
-0.4215 The aroma of the leaves will usually taste a little bit different from the tea, but in the case of a black tea, perhaps try steeping at a lower temperature?
-0.4019 Someone should make a Youtube video of drinking tea with these cups and see how quickly they can piss off PETA.
-0.3802 No idea unfortunately, have never tried to flavor beer before - but err on the side of too much tea than not enough!