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0.9563 Glad you like it and thanks for the compliment :) Yep, planning on adding more music player support in future updates.
0.9468 Thanks, glad you like it! I've definitely been hearing people want temp support; it's on the list for future updates :)
0.945 Haha no worries, I appreciate the compliments. And I definitely don't mind suggestions, I actually really appreciate it! Both of those are great ideas, and are on the list for future updates :)
0.9324 Thanks, glad you like it! Yeah, that's a great idea, and something I've been thinking a lot about the past few days.
0.926 Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad you like it :)
0.9099 Glad you like it :) I'm a big fan of Linux myself, they just put Bash on Windows 10 which I'm really excited about .
0.8908 Thanks, glad you like it! And thanks for the feedback, I'm planning on including those features in future updates.
0.8847 Glad you like it :) Hmm that's not a bad idea.
0.8782 I still think thinner widgets would be good, but I'm glad you see why I went with the "wide" version to start. I agree, the clock widget definitely has more empty space than the other widgets.
0.8658 Glad you like it :) Yeah, I didn't have access to a 4k panel when I was making these.
0.8658 I'm glad you like it :) Yeah, I've noticed that myself a few times.

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5664 Sorry the battery icon got messed up, I'm not sure what happened, the changes seemed to work for me.
-0.5093 Hey I'm the developer of Win10 Widgets, sorry to hear you're having trouble! I don't know what the "registry console tool" is...
-0.5093 Sorry to hear you're having trouble! If by "delay" you mean the update interval, then it's set to 100 milliseconds.
-0.4178 Personally, I'm not a fan of duplicating data, even if it might "look" better. I'll look into adding power profiles, but I doubt it'll be possible.
-0.2912 Hmm not really sure what the issue is then.
-0.2411 I'm not sure, I've never actually done what I suggested.
-0.1901 I doubt this is what you're looking for, but who knows, maybe it is.
-0.128 Yeah, I'm going to try and do something about that Spotify error coming up...
0.0 Check out this thread: https://forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=23106
0.0 I might be partial since I made it, but http://win10widgets.com will match the look of Windows 10 if that's something you're into.
0.0 It also includes a "lock" button so you can lock your widgets.